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Share your knowledge, in seconds

Quickly create and publish bite-sized reports to keep your team in the loop and your business moving forward.

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How it works

For publishers…
Channels give you a place to store and share posts, and make it easy to control access.
Templates provide a blueprint for new posts, giving you a quick way to share rich posts with your team.
Followers are notified whenever you post something new and are free to jump in with comments.
…and followers
Posts from the channels you follow feed straight into your timeline, so you never miss a beat.
Chime in with insights, thoughts, or a well timed emoji, by commenting on specific posts.
Browse public and internal channels to discover useful info you might not be aware of.


Quick Capture

Get the word
out – fast!

Beautiful Reports

Richly formatted,
minimal effort

Template Editor

Easy to use, empowers
your whole team

Magic Paste

Drop data straight in from
the tools you already love

Subscriber Lists

Reach the right people
at the right time


Foster conversation,
gather insights

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I start using Harkster?

Sign up to the beta program and we'll let you know as and when seats become available.

How much does this thing cost?

Harkster is free to use whilst we're in beta, we'll reveal more details on pricing nearer to launch but rest assured we'll treat you right.

Is my data safe?

The safety and privacy of your data is paramount to us, read our security guide and privacy policy to learn more about how we protect them.

This looks great, but what if I need this one thing?

If you're on the beta feel free to submit feedback via the app. If you're interested in enterprise or other advanced features drop us a line and we can start a conversation.

What if I have more questions?

Just get in touch, we'll be happy to hear from you.

Today's tools make it difficult to track what's happening in your world

Emails, files, spreadsheets, messages, attachments, folders – you just want to share how many sales your team made today but things get messy pretty quickly!

Life without Harkster, a mish mash of tools just to get simple answers

Harkster is different – it gives your team a simple way to share what they know with the people who need to know.

Harkster, micro-reports help you get info to the people who need it most